What is Transmission Fluid?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is transmission fluid?” In order to keep your car’s transmission in tip-top shape, it is vital that you pay attention to your transmission fluid. Having a service technician check your transmission fluid levels and change it periodically can make all the difference in the level of performance and reliability […] Read More

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission- Whose Side are You On?

Since the advent of the automatic transmission, car enthusiasts have been duking it out over which type of transmission is superior. Manual transmission loyalists prefer the ability to take ultimate control over shifting gears as they drive, while others enjoy the ease and efficiency of an automatic transmission doing all the heavy lifting. As the […] Read More

Get Ready for Winter Driving

Winter Vehicle Preparations Believe it or not, winter driving is just around the corner! The harsh weather conditions and frigid temperatures that come with the season can wreak havoc on your vehicle and seriously impact your driving. Follow these tips to get yourself and your car ready for the frosty months ahead. Check coolant (antifreeze) […] Read More