How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

Looking for a reputable shop for a transmission fluid change Watertown MA? Riverside Transmission Co. is here to help. There is a significant difference between changing your transmission fluid and just topping off your fluid. It would be wise to check your vehicle’s transmission fluid levels about every couple weeks just to make sure you […] Read More

Transmission Fluid 101

What is Transmission Fluid? Transmission fluid is a lubricant that every vehicle requires to allow all of the moving parts in the transmission to move properly. Keeping your car at the appropriate level of transmission fluid will maintain the proper shifting of gears ( first gear, second gear, third gear) while driving down the road. […] Read More

Clutch Repair or Replacement?

When you are having problems with your manual transmission, you may wonder if the problem with your clutch is a simple repair, or if you will have to replace the whole thing. The good news is that several relatively minor problems with your clutch can be repaired fairly quickly and inexpensively by a transmission repair […] Read More