How Long Does a Clutch Last?

Even with normal use and proper maintenance, your car’s clutch is destined to wear out before the rest of your vehicle does. The amount of wear and tear on your clutch from normal driving may vary from car to car, with some drivers needing to get their clutches replaced before 30,000 miles and others getting […] Read More

What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

All of the delicate moving parts inside of your transmission need to be lubricated appropriately, so they don’t rub together, heat up or wear over time. A transmission fluid change is not something you want to delay. Transmission repair & maintenance are important to make sure your car has the longest life possible.  In automatic transmissions, transmission […] Read More

Don’t Ignore These 5 Transmission Warning Signs

You’ve done everything you can to ready your vehicle for the harsh winter ahead for Waltham, but the one thing that you forgot to do is have your transmission properly inspected. There are several warning signs that transmissions give you before they burn out. If you have any of these five warning signs, you need […] Read More