Transmission Repair Shop in Waltham, MA

Keep your transmission in top condition with help from the transmission experts in Waltham, MA. We offer transmission repair and maintenance services to vehicle owners throughout the Greater Boston area. We are a full-service transmission repair shop that offers all-in-one transmission repair services for vehicles of every make and model.


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Transmissions are built of many intricate components that will wear out over time. Maintaining your transmission can help protect your transmission’s components and save you money on costly transmission repairs. This is easier done while your car is under warranty, but many car owners drop their transmission maintenance programs once the warranty expires. This is when the trouble begins. To avoid major issues, keep your car on a solid transmission maintenance program for the entire life of your car. It is amazing how many benefits result, not only in time gained by having a full functioning transmission but also in the cost of transmission repairs.

Any time your transmission shows signs of an issue, be sure to bring your car to our transmission repair specialists as soon as possible so we can identify what the problem is. Sadly enough, most of the problems we see are because the owner waited too long.

Riverside Transmission Center specializes in Transmission Diagnostics & Transmission Repair, and our technicians are experts. When Riverside Transmission Center rebuilds your Transmission, defective replacement units are not an issue because each transmission is rebuilt using the original unit, or a re-manufactured exchange by an on-site expert technician, all using each individual manufacturer’s recommendations as our guide. There’s no guesswork here! We specialize in rebuilding automatic transmissions and replacing clutches on both foreign and domestic vehicles.


Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Transmissions are one of the most complex and demanding parts of a car. There is so much heat and friction is produced in this particular component that wear and tear is actually somewhat expected.

Fortunately, there are several specific signs to alert you that you may need your transmission repair:

  • check engine light goes on
  • slipping, grinding or jumping gears
  • shifting gear delays
  • clunking or screeching noises
  • burning smell
  • car shaking
  • fluid leaking
  • transmission fluid on the dipstick, is cloudy, thick, or foul-smelling

Our transmission shop has been proudly serving vehicle owners in Waltham, MA and throughout the greater Boston region since 1985. Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the transmission field, our team excels in finding the most efficient and affordable solution to all your transmission repairs. Call our transmission shop in Waltham, MA today to consult with one of our transmission repair specialists.