When you need car repair, you want someone who is local and easy to get to. Whether you are looking for transmission repair, clutch repair, or drive axle repair in Watertown, this is your one stop auto repair shop. Whether you are cruising down highway 20 on your way to Saltonstall Park or driving down Galen St. headed to Bertucci’s for an Italian family dinner when your transmission fails, Riverside Transmission Center has the experience to get you back on the road to your family fun.


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Transmission Repair Near Watertown, MA

When you hear the words, transmission repair, you probably cringe a bit. Most people know that replacing a transmission is an expensive undertaking. Good news though, in most cases the experienced staff at your transmission shop in Watertown, MA. can get your transmission rebuilt to quality specifications and have you back on the road for much less than the price of a brand-new transmission.

If you should find that your transmission need is beyond rebuilding, the crew at Riverside Transmission can find you a good rate on a replacement and get the work done with the same standards you would receive from the dealership shops. Contact them today and let them help you with all of your transmission repair needs.


Clutch Repair

While you are having service done, you may want to have the clutch checked out as well. Having routine service performed is a great way to make sure that a trip to the Central Rock Gym is not detoured for an unexpected repair. Nothing spoils a great afternoon quicker than the clutch going out while you are headed down Pleasant Street to your favorite restaurant. Riverside Transmission Center in Watertown, has you covered for all of your clutch servicing needs as well.


Drive Axle Repair

Along with transmission repairs, clutch repair, and other auto service options available at your transmission shop in Watertown, MA., our experienced team can help you with your drive axle repair as well. Keeping with our standard of service and quality repairs, our team will get your drive axle fixed and get you rolling back down the road to Cambridge in time for that Harvard graduation.

No matter the service needs you have, whether transmission, clutch, drive axle, or many others, give the friendly staff at Riverside Transmission Center a call to set up your appointment and let them help keep you in the fast lane.


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