Is It Time to Get Your Transmission Repaired?

A skilled transmission mechanic will offer perfect manual transmission repair. Still, they will conduct a complete transmission renewal if the transmission of your car is beyond repair. Before we push for an installation of a new transmission, we attempt to repair your transmission be it manual or automatic. Above all, before you drive to the […] Read More

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Mechanic Before Getting Your Car Repaired

A Qualified Auto Repair Shop Will Answer All Your Questions It’s crucial to take your car to an auto repair shop that is experienced with your make and model, as well as your specific problems. Riverside Transmissions, in Waltham, Massachusetts, will listen to your concerns, review your options, and answer any questions you may have. […] Read More

Clutch Repair vs. Clutch Replacement

 The good news is that just because the clutch may be acting up does not necessarily mean it cannot be repaired. Should I Repair or Replace My Clutch? There are several indicators that your clutch needs maintenance. You may notice that your car starts moving slowly even though your engine races. This is called clutch […] Read More