Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

When your check engine light comes on, panic starts to set in. Your mind begins through the list of problems that could have caused that dreaded light. Did you know though that your transmission could be the ultimate cause of your check engine light turning on? Below are some common transmission issues that can cause […] Read More

The Most Common Problems with Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmission Repair These issues may have a simple fix, but others will require a professional’s touch. These are the most common problems with automatic transmissions, how to resolve them, and how much the repairs may cost.   Schedule Your Transmission Repair Today!   Slipping Transmission When a transmission slips into gears, it can become […] Read More

Is It Time to Get Your Transmission Repaired?

A skilled transmission mechanic will offer perfect manual transmission repair. Still, they will conduct a complete transmission renewal if the transmission of your car is beyond repair. Before we push for an installation of a new transmission, we attempt to repair your transmission be it manual or automatic. Above all, before you drive to the […] Read More