Manual vs. Automatic Transmission- Whose Side are You On?

Since the advent of the automatic transmission, car enthusiasts have been duking it out over which type of transmission is superior. Manual transmission loyalists prefer the ability to take ultimate control over shifting gears as they drive, while others enjoy the ease and efficiency of an automatic transmission doing all the heavy lifting. As the […] Read More

Advantages of An Upgraded Transmission

There are pros and cons to every decision when it comes to care maintenance, especially when a major upgrade is being considered. How do you know if an upgraded transmission is the right decision for your vehicle and if the benefits outweigh the possible costs? Consider the advantages of upgrading to a new transmission and decide […] Read More

Tips for Taking Care of Your Transmission

Taking care of your car is like taking care of your body: you may exercise or check-up on different parts to make sure they’re running smoothly. That might be eating healthier to help your blood pressure, or exercising daily to keep your muscles strong. Your car is the same way, and it’s important to know […] Read More