When you are having problems with your manual transmission, you may wonder if the problem with your clutch is a simple repair, or if you will have to replace the whole thing. The good news is that several relatively minor problems with your clutch can be repaired fairly quickly and inexpensively by a transmission repair specialist. But how do you know when a clutch replacement is very likely in your future? Here are some indicators that your clutch can be repaired, and other red flags that could signal a total clutch replacement on the horizon.shifter

Problem #1- A funny smell is coming from your car. This is a sign that your clutch is slipping, and can possibly be remedied with a simple adjustment of your clutch. If the smell persists, or if a scratching noise accompanies the odor, it may be a sign that one or more of the components of your clutch need to be replaced. In any case, visit your transmission service specialist without delay to avoid further problems.

Problem #2- You hear a grinding sound while shifting. It’s never a good feeling to hear a lot of grinding metal and clunking when shifting gears on your manual transmission, but the good news is that some grinding sounds can be remedied with a slight adjustment of your clutch. Get your car checked out if your clutch pedal goes down easily but the transmission won’t go into gear, and hopefully your mechanic will be able to tweak it so it works properly again. However, failure to get your grinding clutch checked out promptly can result in total clutch replacement.

Problem #3- Your gearshift feels loose. This is commonly referred to as “loose linkage,” and can sometimes be repaired with a few adjustments. However, loose linkage can be a warning sign of bigger problems that will require replacement of your clutch, such as worn-out components.

Whether your clutch needs a minor adjustment or a total replacement, Riverside Transmission Co. is Waltham’s choice for transmission repair and maintenance.  Riverside Transmission Co. is also the top choice for clutch replacement Newton MA. Call us today at 781-894-9395 to schedule an appointment with our certified technicians, or contact us online.

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