The good news is that just because the clutch may be acting up does not necessarily mean it cannot be repaired.

Should I Repair or Replace My Clutch?

There are several indicators that your clutch needs maintenance. You may notice that your car starts moving slowly even though your engine races. This is called clutch slippage. This usually indicates that a clutch disc is worn. Another sign might be that it is hard to move your car into reverse. This particular issue could indicate a stuck gear or a damaged clutch plate.

You may also notice difficulty in getting your transmission into gear. This could indicate a problem with the master or slave cylinder along with the feeling that the clutch is loose or not catching. A final indicator of clutch issues could be strange noises and smells coming from the clutch pedal or transmission. This could indicate a worn-out shaft or bearing in the clutch system. Any of these issues could indicate a need for repair or replacement of the clutch. Let the certified technicians at Riverside Transmission diagnosis your clutch issues. We promise we will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Cost of Repairing Your Vehicle’s Clutch

Clutch repair costs can vary depending on what the particular issue may be. For higher-end model vehicles, costs can run as high as $1,500. However, the average clutch repair cost is around $500 to $900. Again, the work will all depend on the root cause of your clutch issues.

Cost of Replacing Your Vehicle’s Clutch

Similar to repair costs, clutch replacement costs may vary. Parts such as a clutch disc or the master or slave cylinders can range from as little as $20 to $400 plus the cost of labor.  The average cost for replacing the clutch can range upwards of $2,000.

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At Riverside Transmission, our mechanics provide the highest quality service. Call us today to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff. We would be happy to provide a quote of the necessary work and discuss various repair and replacement options.


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