You’ve done everything you can to ready your vehicle for the harsh winter ahead for Waltham, but the one thing that you forgot to do is have your transmission properly inspected. If you have any of these five warning signs, you need to see a mechanic immediately or face the reality that you’ll have to have a complete transmission replacement in the near future.

Signs of a Bad Transmission

You should never ignore the following warning signs:

Rough Shifting

When your vehicle doesn’t shift smoothly through each gear, you need to see a mechanic. Rough shifting may also be noticeable with a clunking sound or thud when you shift gears. It may also be more difficult for your vehicle to reach a desired speed due to the issue shifting.


A slipping transmission is easily noticeable. This occurs when you’re driving in one gear and then all of a sudden your vehicle shifts into another gear and the shift is very noticeable. It’s a very hard issue to describe, but if you listen closely to your engine you may notice a loud changing pitch as the shift occurs due to the slipping.

Delayed Engagement

Vehicles should shift smoothly and there should be no delay in shifting. Delays can occur even when you move from the park position to drive. If there is a delay from your vehicle at this time and you’re applying pressure to the gas pedal, your vehicle should be moving forward. If your engine revs or the vehicle is not moving accordingly, there is likely an issue with the transmission.

Leaking Transmission

Leaking transmissions are normally easy to assess. You’ll see that there is liquid underneath your vehicle, and you may notice erratic behavior from your transmission. You can place a piece of cardboard underneath your vehicle and check it to see if there are any fluids that are red or reddish-brown on the cardboard.

Obviously, you’ll want to replace the transmission fluid, but you also need to see mechanic immediately to have the issue corrected.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Something just doesn’t seem right with your transmission, and you’re starting to feel the vehicle jerk when you switch gears. Your vehicle’s dashboard should illuminate at this point and alert you of an issue. You never want to ignore your vehicle’s warning light – even if your vehicle seems to be driving fine.

These sensors are in place to warn you that something is wrong with your engine, transmission or other vital components of your vehicle.

Transmission issues are some of the costliest to repair especially if the transmission is bad. The longer you wait to have a repair made, the higher the chance that damage will occur. It’s a snowball effect, and the last thing you want to be told is that you need to replace your transmission for a repair that would have cost hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.. Instead, contact a mechanic and have your vehicle’s transmission inspected.

Transmission Repair in Waltham MA

If you are looking for a reliable shop that exceeds the experience standard, look no further than Riverside Transmission. Our combined years and years of experience mean we can accurately diagnose your transmission issue, and get you back on the road again safely. Contact us today to schedule your transmission repair.

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    Comment by Kendall Ryder August 2, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    My shifting has actually been pretty rough lately. I decided to look up what the problem may be and I came across this article. I am happy to know it may be the transmission. Not that I want any problems, but at least I know what it might be now!