Winter Vehicle Preparations

Believe it or not, winter driving is just around the corner! The harsh weather conditions and frigid temperatures that come with the season can wreak havoc on your vehicle and seriously impact your driving. Follow these tips to get yourself and your car ready for the frosty months ahead.

  • Check coolant (antifreeze) levels- Coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, is a yellow or green liquid that keeps your car’s radiator from freezing or overheating in extreme temperatures. Needless to say, it is an extremely vital fluid that should be checked at regular intervals, particularly heading into the winter months.
  • Inspect your tires- Good tires are always important, but it is especially crucial to have tires in good working order heading into winter, when icy road conditions can affect your vehicle’s traction and braking ability. Make sure your tires are ready for winter by checking the tire pressure and taking a look at the tread depth. Insert a penny into the tread of your tire with Abraham Lincoln’s head pointing inward. If you are able to see all of Honest Abe’s head, then your tread is too thin and your tires need to be replaced before winter comes.

    Winter Driving
    Winter Driving
  • Switch to winter windshield wiper fluid- Since standard windshield wiper fluid can freeze on contact with your windshield, consider switching it out for the winter formula, which is designed for winter weather and will not freeze. For an added bonus, winter windshield wiper fluid (try saying that 5 times fast!) is actually engineered to loosen ice and snow from your windshield so your wipers can clear it away more effectively.
  • They make winter-grade oil, too- While you’re at it, look into motor oil with better viscosity when it’s time for your next oil change. The thinner oil can help your engine to continue running smoothly during the colder months.
  • Pack a winter emergency kit– If you find yourself in a situation where you and your vehicle are stranded on the side of the road, an emergency kit specifically geared towards winter driving can make all the difference. Be sure to include a spare coat, gloves, hat, blankets, water and non-perishable foods such as granola bars or raisins in your kit, so you are able to eat and keep warm while you’re waiting for help to arrive.

Riverside Transmission knows that winter driving can be tough here in Waltham, MA, and we are here to help you get your vehicle winter-ready! We are Waltham’s trusted transmission service and repair facility, and we are here to help with everything you need to keep your car running at peak performance. Call today to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly-skilled technicians. Waltham, MA trusts Riverside Transmission with their winter driving preparations. Call today!

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