Car troubles can be some of the most worrisome and stressful problems to deal with, especially when it comes to repairs on your transmission. Having a dependable shop in the Watertown, Massachusetts area is the first step to car repair bliss.

Since most aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of car repair, – or even when repairs are needed – it’s important to know a reliable mechanic to help recognize how to know when you need transmission repair in Watertown.

How To Know When You Need Transmission Repair In Watertown

There are some essential signs and symptoms to look for to help diagnose if your vehicle is in need of transmission maintenance or repair.

  • Fluid Leak – One of the easiest means of determining your transmission may be in trouble is a fluid leak. While vehicles can leak many different fluids, seeing any that are bright red, dark red, or brown are likely related to transmission woes.

While you may notice fluid where you park, it may not be obvious if the leak is new or old. There is an easy way to determine if the leak is active or not. Simply place some cardboard under your vehicle in the front and middle sections for an easy visual. If you notice new fluid, it’s time to get your car to the repair shop to be checked.

  • Delayed Engagement – Another relatively easy to notice sign your transmission is having issues is delayed engagement when shifting gears. When this happens, you will feel an actual pause when shifting from park to drive or reverse and similar. You may even be able to rev the engine, hitting the gas pedal, without your vehicle moving before the transmission fully engages.
  • Transmission Slipping – This symptom can be more difficult for the average driver to discern. Transmission slipping if the sensation of changing to a different gear for no apparent reason while driving. This may be accompanied by a variance in engine sound, especially a whine. You may also notice a sudden decrease in power or that your car isn’t accelerating properly.
  • Rough Shifts – While seemingly similar to transmission slipping, rough shifts are easier to diagnose for the typical driver. These are characterized by a car not wanting to change gear as usual and/or an audible “clunk” or “thud” when shifting gears.
  • Check Engine Light – While this is not a sole indicator of transmission problems, you should always get your vehicle checked when the check engine light comes on. Any of the above symptoms of transmission problems paired with the check engine light, is a way to recognize the need for getting your ride to a transmission repair shop.

Whether you experience any of these symptoms or just need general transmission maintenance, it’s incredibly important how to know when you need transmission repair in Watertown, MA. A tried and true team of technicians, like those at Riverside Transmission are the key to keeping your transmission running smoothly. Contact us today if you suspect you may need your transmission inspected.

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