A skilled transmission mechanic will offer perfect manual transmission repair. Still, they will conduct a complete transmission renewal if the transmission of your car is beyond repair. Before we push for an installation of a new transmission, we attempt to repair your transmission be it manual or automatic. Above all, before you drive to the mechanic shop, be sure to look for these key signs.


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Signs You Need Transmission Repair



  • If your transmission is emitting a different odor


Normally, transmission fluid should be changed after every 30- 60 thousand miles. If not, it should follow the vehicles manufacturer’s guidelines. A sweet smell burning odor could be a signal your transmission has a problem. However, you can easily confuse the smell with radiator coolant.



  • Poor shifts in your transmission


Rough or delayed shifting is a sign that your transmission needs to be serviced. The shift applies to both manual and automatic transmissions.



  • If your transmission is slipping


For the transmission to live long and serve you better, it requires proper and routine inspection. If you feel transmission slipping out of gear usually when climbing or descending serious slopes, it’s clear you need to visit a mechanic.



  • If your transmission is leaking fluid


It’s not easy to differentiate between transmission and other leaks. Keep an eye on dark spots on the garage floor and or driveway. If you notice them, place a cardboard underneath your vehicle next time you park.

If there is the presence of brown, dark red or bright red fluid leaking, your transmission is likely to be not functioning. Have it corrected soon.



  • Poor acceleration


If your ride responds poorly under acceleration, the issue might be related to transmission. Visit Riverside Transmission for transmission repair.


Transmission Rebuild vs. Transmission Repair

Whether you are deliberating on manual transmission repair or auto transmission repair, it will depend on how severe the transmission is. Nevertheless, if repairing won’t solve the problem, then you can replace it. When it comes to replacing your transmission, you have two options. You can have your transmission rebuilt or you can get a new one installed.

Repairing isn’t the same as rebuilding since rebuilding, new components will be used.


Import Transmission Repairs

Trusted experts at Riverside Transmission are capable of servicing all makes and models including import transmission repairs. For affordable transmission repair services, routine maintenance and anything between, Riverside Transmission is your premier choice.

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