Even with normal use and proper maintenance, your car’s clutch is destined to wear out before the rest of your vehicle does. The amount of wear and tear on your clutch from normal driving may vary from car to car, with some drivers needing to get their clutches replaced before 30,000 miles and others getting 100,000-plus miles out of their car before having to do a clutch replacement. The constant shifting of the gears that is required to operate a clutch is just one of the several variables that determine how long a clutch will last.

Premature clutch failure can be caused by many different factors, from climate to skill and experience of the driver. Living and driving your car in a hot climate can put more stress on your clutch due to the way the temperature causes the transmission fluid to heat up. Regional factors may also play a part in determining the longevity of your clutch components. Living in the mountains or another high-altitude can wear your clutch out because of the effects of gravity.

Clutch Repair
Clutch Repair

Of course, environmental factors are just a part of the equation. Much of the life and health of a clutch depends on the driver. Using your clutch when it is unnecessary, using the clutch to regulate speed, or failing to shift at appropriate intervals, can cause grinding of the gears, which then leads to the clutch needing to be replaced before its time. Drivers sometimes also “ride the clutch,” which refers to leaving the gearshift at the midpoint between two gears, which is not good for the clutch and will lead to premature clutch repairs.

So what can you do to lengthen the life of your clutch and keep it in good shape? Follow these simple tips to become a better master of the clutch and you will add miles- and years- to your manual transmission:

  • Don’t use your clutch in place of a brake- Some drivers will set their clutch to neutral instead of applying their foot to the brake. If your vehicle is going to remain stopped for longer than ten seconds, don’t do this, as it causes unnecessary wear on the gears.
  • Don’t downshift to regulate speed- Use the gas and brake pedals as intended to decrease speed, rather than downshifting, which can cause gear damage.
  • Avoid peel-outs. Sure, it looks and sounds cool, but life is not like the movies, Using your clutch to “peel out” or accelerate quickly when a traffic light turns green, can seriously jeopardize the health and longevity of your clutch.

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