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There is a significant difference between changing your transmission fluid and just topping off your fluid. It would be wise to check your vehicle’s transmission fluid levels about every couple weeks just to make sure you are not running low, and to see what the condition and consistency of the fluid is. When you change your transmission fluid, you drain all of the old fluid out of the vehicle, replace the filter(s) and fill it back up with new clean transmission fluid. Your owner’s manual should give some tips on this.

After “X” Amount of Miles or Time

According to some manufacturer maintenance schedules they suggest if you have an automatic transmission you should change your fluid every 100,000-150,000 miles, and if you have a manual transmission you should change the fluid after every 30,000-60,0000 miles. You can also refer to your vehicles owners manual which should tell you how many miles for your specific make or model. According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA), they suggest changing your automatic transmission fluid every 31,000 miles or every two years.

High Stress

In both instances, automatic and manual transmissions, if the vehicles are put through high stress the manufacturers recommend changing the transmission fluid more often. High stress is meaning constant stop and go traffic, pulling objects or trailers, long distance driving, dusty unpaved roads, or even living in high-temperature areas can affect the longevity of your transmission fluid.

Automatic Transmissions under high stress are recommended to have their fluid changed approximately every 50,000 miles and manual transmissions at around 15,000 miles. Stop and go traffic is the most damaging to transmission fluids because this kind of stress heats up the fluid much more than highway miles, therefore deteriorating the fluid much faster. If you primarily drive your vehicle on long stretches of highway, the quality of your transmission fluid will last longer because once you get up to speed on the highway there is very rarely the need to switch gears up or down.

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