Why It’s Essential to Have Your Transmission Fluid Changed

To preserve your transmission, you should have your transmission fluid changed every so often. You will end up spending more money buying a new transmission if you don’t have a mechanic change the transmission fluid. A new transmission can cost you thousands of dollars, so don’t think you’ll save money by putting this off for a later date.


When Should You Change Your Transmission Fluid?

You should check your owner’s manual to make sure when it’s recommended to change your vehicle’s transmission fluid. Most manufacturers recommend changing your transmission fluid every 30,000 – 60,000 miles for manual transmissions. However, for those who put their vehicle through heavy use might need to change theirs every 15,000 miles.

If your vehicles is an automatic, then your vehicle usually needs the transmission fluid changed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. However, you should always consult your owner’s manual, because your vehicle’s transmission needs might be slightly different.


Signs Telling You the Transmission Fluid Needs Changing

Although you should have your mechanic check over your transmission during a routine maintenance job, there are some signs that your transmission fluid needs changing. Your transmission fluid might be going bad if you see the following signs:

  • Black or brown color to the transmission fluid.
  • Dirt or other substances in the fluid
  • Or if there’s a burning smell


Changing Your Transmission Fluid

Do you know how to change your transmission fluid? If you ever find yourself near Waltham, MA, then find Riverside Transmission. We can look over your vehicle for you to see if the transmission fluid needs changing or not. One of the most important benefits of regular transmission maintenance is having your transmission fluid levels checked and replaced as needed, as this can prevent breakdown and corrosion of internal transmission gears.

Contact Riverside Transmission to have one of our expert mechanics look over your vehicle to see if your transmission fluid needs changing. Remember, having your transmission fluid changed regularly will prolong the use of your transmission. You don’t want to wear your transmission out and cost yourself more money.

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