Automatic Transmission Repair

These issues may have a simple fix, but others will require a professional’s touch. These are the most common problems with automatic transmissions, how to resolve them, and how much the repairs may cost.

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Slipping Transmission

When a transmission slips into gears, it can become dangerous. For example, if you’re trying to park, but the vehicle suddenly shifts into drive, it could result in extensive damage to your vehicle and those nearby. The engine may also make sounds, such as whining noises or may not accelerate the way it should. The slippage may be accompanied by a strange, burning smell.

There are several causes of a slipping transmission, including:

  • Low fluid levels or fluid leaks
  • Problems with the clutch
  • Worn out gears, solenoids, torque converters, transmission bands, or fluid

The first step to take is to check transmission fluid. It may need a simple change, or it may need to be drained and refilled.

If there are leaks, you should take your vehicle to a  reliable transmission repair shop immediately. Transmissions are sealed units and should never leak, so this is a sign of a serious problem. Likewise, problems with the clutch, gears, solenoids, torque converters, and transmission bands will require the assistance of an experienced technician.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

When you shift gears, it may feel “rough”, or your vehicle may simply refuse to shift. There may be clunking or thudding noises during shifting. Your vehicle may also struggle to accelerate properly.

Rough shifting could be caused by low fluid levels, slow or malfunctioning sensors, or problems with vacuum lines. Make sure to check and change the transmission fluid. If you still notice problems, it is likely an issue with sensors or vacuum lines. You should have a technician perform an inspection and repair or replace these parts.


How Much Do Automatic Transmission Repairs Cost?

The cost of transmission repairs will vary, depending on the service that is required. Replacing fluid usually cost around $100-200, while basic repairs could cost anywhere between $100-800. Replacing a solenoid is usually a cost of $150 each. Pricing will go up according to the complexity of the repair. A transmission that is beyond repair and needs to be replaced could cost up to $2,500 – or even more.


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Riverside Transmission in Waltham, Massachusetts, can help you with any problems you may be experiencing with your transmission. We can provide both repairs and rebuilds, as well as overhauls and maintenance. We can also service clutches, drive shafts, and drive axles. In addition to Waltham, our service area includes Boston, Brighton, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, Watertown, and Weston. Contact Riverside Transmission today to schedule a consultation for your repair needs.

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