Taking care of your car is like taking care of your body: you may exercise or check-up on different parts to make sure they’re running smoothly. That might be eating healthier to help your blood pressure, or exercising daily to keep your muscles strong. Your car is the same way, and it’s important to know what each part of the car needs to keep it running and well-maintained. When taking care of your manual transmission or engaging in manual transmission repair, keep these four tips in mind.

Check the fluid level.

Manual Transmission Repair Lexington MA
Manual Transmission Repair Lexington MA

The fluid in a transmission is versatile and maintains many important functions of the transmission: it provides cooling, keeps the transmission lubricated, and aids in operating the clutch system. It is vital to make sure that your fluid level is okay. Check the fluid levels every so often and keep and eye out for leaks or if the liquid is darkish in color or burnt smelling.

Get a transmission flush periodically.

Transmission flushes can prevent overheating, which is a very common cause of transmission failure. Get the fluids replaced every so often to prevent overheating from happening. A good rule of thumb is to replace the fluids for every 30,000 miles your car travels or more if needed by your specific car type.

Have your transmission serviced as needed.

Check in with the factory recommendations for your car to decide how often would be best to get your transmission serviced. Change the filter, ask for a transmission flush, and adjust the bands (as needed) to keep your transmission well-tuned and working to its greatest potential.

Check transmission problems early if you suspect there is trouble.

Transmission problems often start out with small signs and then evolve into greater problems the longer they go without help. Take care of the problem as soon as you notice it to prevent greater damage. This will save you not only money, but also time and stress in the long run.

Questions or concerns about your car’s transmission? We’re here to help! Riverside Transmission Co. provides manual transmission repair services to the Lexington MA area: if you see any of these warning signs or have other questions/concerns, please call us at (781) 894-9395 or get in touch online.

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