Clutch Repair vs. Clutch Replacement

 The good news is that just because the clutch may be acting up does not necessarily mean it cannot be repaired. Should I Repair or Replace My Clutch? There are several indicators that your clutch needs maintenance. You may notice that your car starts moving slowly even though your engine races. This is called clutch […] Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Use YouTube for Transmission Repair

It seems everything can be learned online these days. People tend to turn to YouTube for the latest how-to videos to learn a new skill or how to get through a project. Some even try this method for things as complicated and essential as transmission repair. The Problem with YouTube for DIY Transmission Repair Those […] Read More

How to Know You Need Auto Transmission Repair

The transmission is essentially the heart of your car, transferring energy to the wheels to make the car run. Because it is such an important part to keeping your vehicle running smoothly, it’s very important to make sure it’s performing at its absolute best. To ensure your transmission is at peak performance, you should check […] Read More