What to Know About Driving a Heavy Duty Truck

Driving a heavy duty truck is a responsibility you make with the motorists you share the road with; it is your duty to make sure that you treat it as such and practice good driving habits while operating a heavy duty truck. Read these safety tips and keep them in mind while driving to ensure […] Read More

Tips for Taking Care of Your Transmission

Taking care of your car is like taking care of your body: you may exercise or check-up on different parts to make sure they’re running smoothly. That might be eating healthier to help your blood pressure, or exercising daily to keep your muscles strong. Your car is the same way, and it’s important to know […] Read More

How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

Looking for a reputable shop for a transmission fluid change Watertown MA? Riverside Transmission Co. is here to help. There is a significant difference between changing your transmission fluid and just topping off your fluid. It would be wise to check your vehicle’s transmission fluid levels about every couple weeks just to make sure you […] Read More