Your car’s transmission is vital to its basic operation- without a properly-functioning transmission, a vehicle is unable to drive. By performing routine maintenance and service checks on your transmission as recommended by your car’s manufacturer, you can prolong the life of your transmission and keep it running smoothly throughout the lifetime of your car. But what should you do if you are experiencing transmission problems? How do you know when a transmission can be effectively repaired and when a total replacement of your transmission is necessary? By taking your car to a reputable local transmission repair center at the first sign of trouble, a certified technician can diagnose your transmission issues and let you know if repair or replacement is recommended.


When to Repair

Getting your transmission repaired, rather than rebuilt or completely replaced, is the most cost-effective option, of course, but is not always possible, depending on the severity of the issue you are experiencing. Transmission repairs focus on replacing the smallest possible amount of parts in your transmission to get it back to proper working condition. Transmission repair also gets your car back up and running with less downtime than a rebuild or replacement would take. However, transmission repairs are not always possible, especially if too many components of your transmission are malfunctioning. The general rule is that the type of transmission failure you are experiencing and the number of miles on your vehicle will determine whether it makes sense to try to repair your transmission, or whether it’s best to do a rebuild or replacement.


When to Rebuild

Rebuilding a transmission is similar to a repair in that you are replacing components of the transmission without replacing the entire transmission itself. A rebuild, as its name suggests, constitutes actually rebuilding your existing transmission from the case up. Once the technician is able to determine the root of your transmission problems, the transmission is disassembled, the parts are cleaned and the malfunctioning parts are replaced with new ones. The transmission is then reassembled and placed into your car. Transmission rebuilds are typically more costly than repair, but can cost considerably less than a total replacement, depending on the severity of the issue and the number of parts that need to be replaced. The one drawback to a transmission rebuild is that only the malfunctioning parts are getting replaced, which means another part could fail on your transmission soon after your rebuild and you’d have to do the whole process over again.


When to Replace

A total transmission replacement is recommended by your service technician if too many parts of the transmission are malfunctioning, or if your car’s age and mileage suggests that other parts of the transmission will also soon fail. While brand new transmissions can be extremely expensive, several cheaper options exist. You can purchase a used transmission from a salvage yard, or you can buy a refurbished transmission from the manufacturer at a much lower price than a brand-new one. Replacing your old transmission with a refurbished or re-manufactured transmission is an especially good idea if you are simply getting your vehicle operational to sell or trade in. However, if your car still has a lot of life in it and you want to keep it for as long as you can, you might just want to go ahead and invest in a new transmission so you can be sure its parts won’t wear out before the rest of your car does.


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