What is a Driveshaft?

Your car relies on a complex network of vital components in order to drive properly. One of the most essential parts is your driveshaft. Your driveshaft connects the transmission with the rear differential, which enables your car to drive in reverse. Most four-wheel-drive vehicles come equipped with a drive shaft, yet not many people know what it is, what it does, or how to look for warning signs of problems with your drive shaft’s functionality. Here are some warning signs to be aware of if you suspect your car is in need of drive shaft repair. 

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How can I tell if my driveshaft needs to be repaired?

Some of the signs that can let you know that there is an issue with your vehicle’s driveshaft include the following:

  • Strange Noises

    • If you are hearing a variety of squeaking or rattling noises, particularly when accelerating or slowing down, this could be an indicator of a driveshaft problem. These noises may also be accompanied by vibration coming from the bottom of the car.
  • Difficulty Turning

    • Because your driveshaft directly affects your car’s turning ability, it can be a warning sign when your car’s tires feel as though they are resisting being turned by your steering wheel. This can seriously impact your ability to park a car in a tight space since your ability to steer is greatly compromised.
  • Wear and Tear

    • Even the most well-made vehicle can have its components fail due to simple wear and tear. Driving every day for years on end can wear out the parts of your vehicle, and your driveshaft is no exception. The only thing you can do is bring your car in for its scheduled maintenance visits and get the necessary repair work done when your driveshaft or any other part on your car wears out.


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