If you’re driving a standard truck, you may want your vehicle to be able to handle heavy loads and work with equipment that your truck can’t currently do. Maybe you own a towing service and have acquired a new vehicle, or maybe you’re looking for a car that can service you as a snow plow over the winter months.

Whatever your reason, our team at Riverside Transmission Co. has years of experience upgrading standard trucks into heavy duty vehicles for the Lexington, MA area. We know how to work on a variety of makes and models, and when you work with us, you can guarantee quality and efficiency.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Upgrades

Heavy duty upgrades can boost the appeal and the value of your vehicle. Your standard car may be equipped to do a limited variety of services, but an upgrade can enhance its features and give it a specialized feature. Upgrades can make the truck driving experience more efficient, useful and, ultimately, safer for the passengers and on the transmission.

Which Upgrade Is Right for My Truck?

Own a standard truck and looking to upgrade it into a heavy duty vehicle? You may be wondering which upgrade is best for your work or lifestyle. Perhaps you own a business which would benefit from a certain type of heavy duty vehicle, or perhaps you are using it for your own purposes. No matter the reason, we will help you decide whether an upgrade is right for your car and your needs.

Perhaps you are a roadside maintenance worker and work with snowy roads during the winter months: in that case, your business might benefit from a snow plow. Or perhaps your towing service could use an extra truck, but you are not sure which model or make would be best fit for upgrade to a heavy duty vehicle. We can advise your decision and help you choose which upgrade would make your standard truck most useful.

Looking to upgrade your standard vehicle into a heavy duty truck? Riverside Transmission Co. would be happy to address your questions and comments. We provide transmission services and heavy duty upgrades to the Lexington MA area. Give us a call at (781) 894-9395 or contact us online to get in touch soon.

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