One of the most vital components of your entire vehicle, the transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to all of the other parts that work together to make the car function. Your transmission is the nerve center of your drivetrain, and when it isn’t functioning properly, it can affect or even halt the operability of your car. Here are a few warning signs to look out for in order to know whether your transmission needs service or repair.

Symptoms of When You Need Transmission Repair

Leaking Transmission Fluid

One of the most obvious signs of transmission trouble is leaking transmission fluid. If you notice a pool of liquid gathering beneath your vehicle every time it is parked, you should bring your car into an automotive service center without delay.

Burning Odor

If you’ve started noticing a burning smell coming out of your car while driving or as soon as you park, this is a red flag that your transmission needs servicing as soon as possible. The burning odor is caused by the transmission fluid getting burned up, and possibly also by the excessive friction on the gears caused by a lack of transmission fluid to properly lubricate them. When you smell something burning, it’s a sign that something is definitely wrong, and you should get your car to a repair shop to be checked out at your earliest convenience.

Slipping Gears

If your car is slipping or popping out of gear while you drive, this is a major sign that your transmission needs immediate repair. This also includes hesitation when putting the car into gear and shimmying or grinding between gears. Basically, anytime you feel something abnormal with gear changes while you are driving, this is a cause for concern and should be addressed right away by a certified transmission specialist.

Strange Noises

Hearing odd whining or grinding sounds coming out of your car while you are driving is a major indicator that something is going on with your vehicle. While it is not always the transmission that may be causing these sounds, it is a sign that something is in need of repair and should be looked at sooner rather than later.

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