Transmission Repair Near Weston, MA

When you have plans to play at the Weston Golf Club, and you find you have transmission problems trust your vehicle to the experienced team at Riverside Transmission. Our staff prides itself in providing our clients with the quality service they deserve. 

With a staff of highly trained certified transmission technicians a short drive away, you will have no need to take your auto anywhere else. Whether your plans include a tour of revolutionary proportions at the Gold Ball Tavern Museum or a weekend walk with your German Shepherd at Cat Rock Park, we will get your transmission repaired and get you back to the nature trails. 

With a team that knows transmissions from top to bottom, we can cover your routine maintenance, repairs, rebuilds, and replacements. Transmissions are what we specialize in, which allows us to help you save. Let us rebuild your transmission to certified quality specifications and get you back on the road to your family fun. If your transmission cannot be rebuilt, our staff can help you get a replacement at a fraction of the price of dealerships.


Clutch Repair

If you are having difficulty shifting, experiencing slipping of gears, notice a burning smell, or are hearing unusual sounds when shifting, you may need clutch repair. These signs do not always signify a need for a clutch replacement. Our certified staff can look at your vehicle and let you know whether a repair is what you need before you pay for a replacement. If repairs are not what you need we can also handle the replacement and get you driving down the Yankee Division Highway again, in no time.


Drive Axle Repair

Your drive axle plays a crucial role in keeping your car driving down Highway 20 on your way to Wellesley Street and headed back to Regis College for class. If you experience issues with your drive axle, it is imperative that you have it repaired as soon as possible. Our skilled technicians can handle your drive axle needs for any make and model of vehicle. With a local repair shop just a short drive away, the certified staff at Riverside transmission can get your drive axle repaired and get you back on the road. 

If you need a transmission repair, transmission rebuild, clutch repair, drive axle repair, or maintenance on any of these, contact our friendly staff and let us keep your car rolling to your destination.

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