What is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission repair & maintenance are important to make sure your car has the longest life possible. 

In automatic transmissions, transmission fluid will also serve as a coolant and as a viscous fluid that has the ability to transfer power from the engine to the transmission itself. And the type of fluid that your vehicle needs will depend on the type of vehicle you have: automatic or manual.

Automatic transmissions will use automatic transmission fluid. The manual transmission can use a variety of different fluids, normally oils, to lubricate the transmission. Regular motor oil, hypoid gear oil, or even automatic transmission fluid may be utilized for a manual transmission. It’s easy to determine which type of fluid your vehicle needs by consulting with your owner’s manual.

Why Transmission Fluid Needs to be Changed

Since the fluid stays sealed tight inside of your transmission, it’s not uncommon for owners to believe that they do not have to change their transmission fluid often. But this is a big mistake. You must change your fluid because:

  • Automatic: Heat generation occurs, and the fluid will degrade and break down over time. When this occurs, your transmission fluid becomes less resilient and starts losing its lubrication properties.
  • Manual: Fluid degradation is much less of a problem with manual transmissions. Instead, fluid contamination occurs due to the bearings and gears in the transmission wearing out over time. If these contaminants are allowed to remain in your system, they will eventually shorten the lifespan of your transmission.

Even if it seems like the transmission fluid is not contaminated, keep in mind that these particles are normally difficult to see because they are small worn off pieces of your transmission. These tiny metal shavings and other contaminants will be recycled through your transmission, which will shorten its lifespan overall.

Most manufacturers recommend changing your manual transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, but some suggest changing it as early as 15,000 miles if you drive your vehicle under heavy duty circumstances.

Automatic transmissions will require their transmission fluid to be changed anywhere from 30,000 miles to never, according to the manual. Typically, transmission fluid should be changed in an automatic vehicle between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. You can also change your transmission fluid more often as it will do no harm to your vehicle.

Transmission Fluid Changes in Waltham MA

If you are in need of a transmission fluid change Newton MA, stop by Riverside Transmission Co. or give us a call at: (781) 894-9395 today to schedule your fluid change.

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