It seems everything can be learned online these days. People tend to turn to YouTube for the latest how-to videos to learn a new skill or how to get through a project. Some even try this method for things as complicated and essential as transmission repair.

The Problem with YouTube for DIY Transmission Repair

Those seeking transmission repair in Lexington, MA should think again before turning to a source, like YouTube, for something so critical to your vehicle’s functionality. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t go this route, as well as a better alternative to get the job done right the first time.

While YouTube can be great for cat videos and how-to’s on installing a light fixture, it’s not the best resource for something like transmission repair. Here are just a few examples of why DIYing your transmission repair isn’t necessarily the best idea.

Inexperienced posters

The first issue with going this route is that you have no idea of knowing how experienced or skilled the person posting the video is. It could be someone who has years of experience and works for a reputable shop, but it could also someone who works on cars as a hobby that doesn’t have specific expertise in your specific make and model. Worse yet, you could run across a spoof video that could wind up doing more harm than good to your car in the long wrong.

Way too technical

Say you do manage to find a fantastic video, presented by an experienced mechanic, with all the ins and outs for your particular automobile. Unless you too are a mechanic, chances are high the information presented will be much more technical and detailed than what the average person can decipher.

Required skills and tolls

Once again, if you happen to find an excellent how-to video, and maybe it does all make sense as well, there is a certain set of skills and necessary tools needed to get the job done. Mechanics and technicians have special knowledge and certifications they obtain in order to work on your vehicle. And have you seen the arsenal of tools your average mechanic has in their garage? Chances are, you’d spend a small fortune gathering everything needed to properly repair your own transmission.

Why Call Us for Transmission Repair in Lexington, MA

Now that the potential pitfalls of using YouTube to repair your transmission are out there, it’s time to look into a better option. Those seeking transmission repair in Lexington, MA should turn to the experienced, trusted team of mechanics and technicians at Riverside Transmission. With over 20 years in business, you will find only fully licensed and professional technicians working on your transmission.


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